queer grylls baw selfie w neck

Let’s get something straight (pun intended): you can enjoy Broadway musicals, showering twice a day and sex with other men, and still survive the apocalypse. Machismo behaviour and a blasé attitude towards personal hygiene are not prerequisites for staying alive during the demise of modern civilisation, regardless of what the rest of the world might tell you.

So where are the survival blogs for the rest of us? For those of us with sass, insecurities, a strong hate for violence and an even stronger hate for websites reminiscent of the 90s? For those of us who perhaps don’t fit the mould of the “stereotypical wasteland survivalist”? Surely I can’t be the only one who wants a bit of personality with my apocalypse.

I started this blog for two reasons. The first being I saw a lack of blogs I could relate to. As a gay man with an apocalypse obsession, I wasn’t satisfied by the vast number of survival blogs that currently exist out there, most of which are aimed at former Boy Scouts and people who go hiking for fun.

Secondly, I saw an opportunity for me to learn something about myself, expand my skillset and take some focus away from my equally as intense obsession with a successful career (you can read more about this in my first blog post).

This blog is for those of you out there (and I hope I’m not the only one) who expect more from an apocalypse survival guide than a few basic bullet points and a crude logo hastily slapped together in Microsoft Paint (RIP). Because I rarely use bullet points, and my badly created photos are all done in Photoshop like a real designer.